Declaration of Accessibility

Cognitive Linguistics
in the Year 2024

Abstract submission

To submit an abstract, please register online here by April 28, 2024. The languages of conference are Polish and English.

Abstracts should be of no more than 300 words in length, references included (plus 3-4 keywords). They should indicate the scope and aims of your research, its methodology and, possibly, the results. Please do not include your name and affiliation in the abstract. If you need to refer to yourself, please use “AUTHOR” instead of your name. 

If you wish to submit an abstract that has multiple authors, please provide all the information separating them with numbers. Example:
Name: 1. Marie 2. Nicolaus 3. Frederic;
Surname: 1. Skłodowska-Curie 2. Copernicus 3. Chopin;
Affiliation: 1. University of ABC 2. University of DEF 3. University of GHI.

If you want to submit an abstract for the theme session Cognitive Linguistics and the Law, please include this information at the top of the abstract, e.g. ABSTRACT FOR THE THEME SESSION “Cognitive Linguistics and the Law”.

Talks will be 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes for discussion)

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